Hello and welcome to Jus Style Me.

I am Justine and I decided to create Jusstyleme.com to inspire women and to share my passion for fashion. I enjoy sharing fashion tips and I advise on how to incorporate today’s fashion into any wardrobe, how to wear current styles/trends where to find them and alternatives.

Another reason for this site is to show you that you can look gorgeous and experiment with styles and fashion at any age and that as we mature we can still shop in main stream shops, stores and boutiques whilst still having fun with fashion.

I have always enjoyed fashion using it to express my personality through my wardrobe highlighting my femininity as well as my personality. My personal style is feminine, chic with a hint of sassiness.

My family and friends suggested on numerous occasions to start a blog so I have finally taken the plunge and created Jus Style Me and hope you will follow me on this amazing journey.

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